Children could ‘miss out’ if Leisure Centre doesn’t reopen



GENERATIONS of young people are at risk on missing out on having access to a public swimming pool in Buncrana, according to one Inishowen councillor.

The Buncrana Leisure Centre and swimming pool closed early last year ahead of a massive regeneration plan, which was due to be completed late 2015 or early 2016.

However with the project yet to start, Donegal County Council officials have assured councillors that the Buncrana Leisure Centre is the ‘most advanced’ swimming pool project in the county.

Council official John Gallagher said the project is the ‘only swimming pool’ that they are working on in Donegal.

He said the plans for the multi million euro Leisure Centre are complete and they are currently awaiting a approval from the government to allow them to go to tender.

Speaking at last Tuesday’s Inishowen Municipal District meeting in Carn,

Mr. Gallagher said they can’t put the project out for tender until the Department gives them the green light.

“We are just in the process of trying to put everything together then if the Government delivers the funding then we are ready to go. But we haven’t go the letter to say that we can go out to tender yet but we are awaiting it and chasing that.”

Buncrana councillor Rena Donaghey said she is getting a lot of calls about the swimming pool. Cllr. Donaghey said the project needs to progress or else a generation of young people will miss out if it’s not opened soon.

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Donna Roddy