Bridge standstill until New Year?



WORK ON Cockhill Bridge may have come to a standstill until next year – as tender applications for its construction have only just gone out.

Tender application for the bridge – which is 38 metres long – are due to be submitted by November 16.

Assuming it could take up to two weeks before the tender is granted, it may mean that work to construct the actual bridge won’t start until the beginning of 2017.

But former Buncrana town councillor, Peter McLaughlin, said we’ve waited this long, what’s a few more weeks.

He said: “Buncrana town council pushed for this. I knew it was going to be delivered and the council have done so much of the work themselves on this – the construction of the bridge itself is now out to tender.

“Ten weeks is not a long time to wait.

“We have been waiting much longer than that for it.”

News that Donegal County Council have invited tender applications has been welcomed by Minister of State Joe McHugh.

He said: “Cockhill Bridge has been a health and safety issue for local residents and those who have to use the bridge.

“This project has been waiting for 65 years to get the go ahead and at a time when this country had so little money, I was delighted that we could get it across the line and secure the full €3 million needed for the project.”

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Donna Roddy