Childcare in Donegal needs more Investment



Since 2013, the number of children lacking special educational needs support in Donegal has almost doubled, Donegal County Childcare Committee has warned.

A DCCC Census 2015-2016 has revealed a number of important facts about Donegal’s 144 early childhood services, a 777-person workforce and the 4,838 children that make up the early childhood sector across Donegal.

The increase in children identifying with autism, behavioural problems and speech and language difficulties has been identified as one of the most pressing problems facing early childhood services in Donegal.

Avril McMonagle, Manager of Donegal County Childcare says ‘While the new Access and Inclusion programme launched in June this year is designed to address the problems faced by children with disabilities in the future, it will take approximately three years to become properly embedded in the early childhood sector.”

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Donna Roddy