‘They need more and more blood’



Moville donor encourages others to give blood


“GIVING blood leaves you feeling great. You come away knowing that you have helped someone and that feels really rewarding.”

Moville man Liam Skelly became a blood donor a number of years ago and now as he prepares to donate his tenth pint of blood, he is encouraging others to follow suit.

“I should have started a long time ago,” said Liam. “My wife Kaye has been donating blood for 12 or 14 years and I always wanted to go with her but never did. I had a horrible fear of needles – I was terrified of them but not anymore.

“The staff at the Blood Bank are great, they tell you everything they are doing and completely put you at ease,” added Liam.

“It only takes about ten minutes to give a pint of blood – there’s really nothing to it and you leave feeling great. I find it really rewarding and you get a great buzz from it – I’d highly recommend it.”

The Blood Bank arrives back into Inishowen next week and it will be stationed at the Inishowen Gateway Hotel in Buncrana on Monday and Tuesday, before moving onto the grounds of Carn Community School on Wednesday and Thursday.

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Donna Roddy