Unemployment hits eight-year low in Buncrana


The number of Inishowen people on the dole has increased for the month of May

UNEMPLOYMENT in Inishowen has fallen to its lowest level in almost eight and a half years, according to the Central Statistics Office.

2,674 signed on the Live Register in Buncrana last month, a nine per cent drop from the previous month of August, while year-on-year, the dole figure fell 17 per cent from 3,223 in September 2015.

Inishowen’s dole figure fell below the 3,000 mark in November 2015 and since then it had remained steady with the numbers increasing slightly since the start of 2016. However this decrease has been notable, with a difference of 272 coming off the Live Register at the Buncrana Social Welfare Office in the month of September.

The biggest decrease came in the over 25’s category with the difference between August and September being 211 people.

The number of unemployed older men signing on in Buncrana fell 124 from 1659 in August to 1535 in September, while the number women, aged 25 or more, signing on also decreased by 110 people from 1082 to 972.

There have also been improvements in youth employment according to the Central Statistics Office data.

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Donna Roddy