Ulsterbus says it does accept euro on Muff route


An Ulsterbus on its way through Muff.

An Ulsterbus on its way through Muff.

Concerns have been raised that some Ulsterbus drivers are not accepting euro currency from Inishowen passengers using the daily service from Muff to Derry.

A Muff resident told the Inishowen Independent that she attempted to pay with euro for a fare from the village to the city centre but was not permitted to do so.

The woman, who does not wish to be named publicly, said she had a €2 coin and a €5 note both of which the driver would not accept.

“Luckily, one of the passengers already on the bus was able to change some money into Sterling for me, otherwise I would not have been able to travel,” she said.

However, Translink – the parent company of Ulsterbus –dismissed the incident as an outlier, moving to assure Inishowen passengers that euro IS accepted on the cross-border route.

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Donna Roddy