Priest welcomes Pope visit to Ireland in 2018


NEWS POPE Francis plans to visit Ireland in 2018 has been warmly welcomed in Inishowen.

Iskaheen priest Fr John Farren said he is delighted that Pope Francis plans to visit Dublin in August 2018.

The plans were announced yesterday after a visit with Taoiseach Enda Kenny, when Pope Francis confirmed he would attend the Vatican’s World Meeting of the Family in Dublin.

It was also revealed that he would consider a possible extension of the visit, perhaps to Northern Ireland.

Fr Farren, said that he met Pope John Paul II when he visited Ireland nearly 40 years ago, back in 1979.

As a newly ordained priest, Fr Farren travelled to Drogheda to see Pope John Paul II.

He said: “It was a time of great joy and excitement.

“I supposed Ireland has changed a lot since then, but still I think it will be a time of great joy for those who are Catholic and brothers who are not Catholic as well.”

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Donna Roddy