‘This is idiotic, dangerous and beyond a joke’


The scene of a crash near Fahan in December, where young Derry woman Amy Loughrey was killed.

Council plans to increase speed limits heavily criticised

Donegal County Council plans to increase speed limits on the R238 route between Buncrana and Bridgend, a road that has had three fatal collisions in the past year-and-a-half, have been heavily criticised.

The council revealed its intention to increase limits from 80 kilometres per hour to 100 kilometres per hour in three separate zones along the route, including from Fahan to Luddan, Fahan to Tooban and Burnfoot to Bridgend.

A DCC spokesperson said the new limits, which will come into operation in May, follow a “countywide speed limit review”, with new road traffic byelaws having been adopted following the January council meeting.

However an angry Tooban resident claims the decision to increase limits along the route was taken without any consultation locally.

The resident, who declined to be named publicly, said it is “idiotic, dangerous and beyond a joke”.

“Speed is already a big enough problem along the road as it is without this. It just makes no sense. They are going to increase limits in Tooban, where there are busy junctions, a health centre and close to where a young man was killed recently,” he said.

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Donna Roddy