‘Like a scene from Dante’s Inferno’

The scene on the Ballyargus hills above Redcastle on Sunday night. (Photo: Enda Craig)

Amateur photographer caught up in Redcastle gorse fire

A local amateur photographer who happened upon a raging gorse fire at Redcastle at the weekend described the scene as being “like something from Dante’s Inferno”.

Enda Craig had driven up towards Lough Fad, in the Ballyargus hills high above Lough Foyle, on Sunday hoping to capture a memorable sunset shot on the first evening of official summertime but ended up caught in the midst of a rapidly spreading blaze.

“I wanted to get a sunset photo from a real wilderness location but as I was driving up the hill I noticed smoke drifting across on the Derry side. The further up I went, the worse it was getting.”

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Donna Roddy