Malin Head Coast Guard continue to co-ordinate ‘difficult’ search


MALIN HEAD Coast Guard is continuing to co-ordinate the search for its missing colleagues from the Rescue 116 off the Mayo Coast.

Last Monday night, the Rescue 118 helicopter was tasked by Malin Head Coast Guard to take a crewman from a Russian Trawler 200 miles West of Blacksod, Co Mayo, who had injured his hand.

The R116 helicopter from Dublin was also needed to provide top cover and back up support for the R118 due to the distance involved in the medivac. However, the R116 lost contact with Malin Head and disappeared just after 12.45am on Tuesday morning as it prepared to land at Blacksod, Co Mayo, to refuel.

Denis Maloney, station manager at Malin Head Coast Guard, said the team in Malin are continuing to co-ordinate the search for their missing colleagues, Capt Mark Duffy, winch operator Paul Ormbsy and winchman Ciaran Smith.

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Donna Roddy