DPP in India considers Danielle murder case

Family and friends of Danielle McLaughlin making a Û5,000 donation to the Kevin Bell Repatriation Trust. Pictured from left, Christy Duffy, Joleen Brannigan, Traigheanach Brannigan, Louise McMenamin, Seanne Brannigan, Andrea Brannigan and Skye Marie Brannigan with Eithne and Colin Bell.

Buncrana family and friends raise €5,000 for repatriation charity

Police in Goa have concluded their initial investigation into the murder of Buncrana woman Danielle McLaughlin and sent a file to the Director of Public Prosecutions in India.

The 28-year-old was murdered in Goa in March with police quickly arresting and charging a 24-year-old man, Vikas Bhagat, who was facing multiple charges of petty theft in Goa.

The McLaughlin family is awaiting the final conclusions of a second post mortem carried out by the Dublin City Coroner’s Office last month.

An initial postmortem report revealed that McLaughlin’s death was caused by “brain damage and neck constriction”

A Derry solicitor acting for the McLaughlin family said they have been overwhelmed by the continued support.

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Donna Roddy