‘Every five minutes felt like an hour’


Moville teen Conor Canning is now on the mend after suffering a broken leg while playing football. He waited 90 minutes for an ambulance to arrive.

Ninety-minute ambulance wait for Moville teen with badly broken leg


A Moville father whose teenage son waited an hour and a half for an ambulance to arrive after suffering a broken leg said “every five minutes felt like an hour”.

John Canning watched his son Conor lie on the ground in severe pain for more than 90 minutes before help finally arrived.

Inishowen county councillor Martin McDermott has hit out at the “totally unacceptable” delay, the latest in a number of delays reported across the peninsula.

Cllr McDermott says there is “no way” any parent should be forced to wait so long for help for their stricken child.

Fourteen-year-old Moville Community College student Conor sustained the badly broken leg in a football match just after 7pm last Tuesday evening.

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Donna Roddy