Four in ten local people are married

The most detailed report so far from the 2016 Census has been published and it sheds remarkable light onto who we are and how we live and work. DAMIAN DOWDS reports.

Sex, age and marital status

The population of Inishowen on Census night 24 April 2016 stood at 40,544, with women slightly outnumbering men: 20,452 to 20,092.

Some 41% of the population here, or 16,560 people, are married. There were 859 divorcees and 951 individuals who were separated.

Married women are clearly outliving their husbands. Of the 1,646 widowers here, 1,271 were women and 375 were men.

When you strip out the almost 11,000 people aged 16 and under who cannot get married, there are 9,532 single people aged 17 and over. Plenty of fish in the sea, as they say.

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Donna Roddy