Water supply in Moville, Greencastle, Redcastle and Quigley’s Point at ‘critical level’


Public urged to conserve water or risk it being switched off


IRISH WATER have warned that they may have to restrict water at certain times of the day if water levels in East Inishowen do not improve.

Irish water are calling on people in Moville, Greencastle, Quigley’s Point and Redcastle to conserve water wherever possible as levels at the East Inishowen supply at Lough Fad in Redcastle have reached critical levels.

The water company have sent thousands of leaflets to homes in the Inishowen area outlining ways that they can conserve water.

They say that since last autumn rainfall has been substantially below normal recorded levels and this coupled with the ageing network means that water levels in Lough Fad are ‘very low and continually to fall’.

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Donna Roddy