‘I didn’t think any of them would make it back alive’

Heroic teen rescues Clonmany brothers after freak wave drags them out to sea


A CLONMANY mum says she has a local 14-year-old boy to thank for saving the lives of her two sons after a freak wave swept them out to sea.

Patrick [13] and Seán Quinn [10] were playing in the water at Leenan Beach with their friends Flynn [11] and Rossan Doherty [10] when a sudden change of the current dragged the four of them out to sea.

Flynn and Rossan’s 14-year-old brother Callum was sitting on the shore when his brothers and their friends were swept out to sea. But without thinking the brave Clonmany teen sprung to his feet and rushed into the water to save the boys.

“I don’t know what we would have done without Callum,” said Patrick and Sean’s mum Katrina Quinn, who was at home nearby when the terrifying drama began to unfold.

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Donna Roddy