‘If you fell, you were gone’

Residents at Pairc an Grianan, Burnfoot are angry at the council’s response to the flood. A week on and they remain without proper accomodation and with no prospect of returning to their homes.

Burnfoot clean-up; residents’ relief turns to anger; council slammed

The clean-up operation continued in Burnfoot yesterday, with Donegal County Council staff and soldiers from the Irish Army helping locals to clear out their flood-damaged homes.

Residents in Pairc an Grianan were among the worst affected when the Burnfoot river burst its banks in the heavy rain last Tuesday night.

Almost a week on from the flood, a heavy stench remains in the air. A thick layer of mud covers the interior of the homes, gardens are filled with bathtubs, broken sinks, toilets and other household appliances.

Large skips are half-filled with residents’ possessions, broken-down furniture, fixtures and fittings.

Effluent from a nearby sewerage treatment plant flowed through the houses, prompting fears of contamination and disease.

Father-of-four Gerald Bradley says he will never return to his Pairc an Grianan home, one of at least six that could be damaged beyond repair.

He will never forget the frightening scenes of last Tuesday night.

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Donna Roddy