Mum caught up in Clonmany floods gives birth to baby boy and names him Noah!

Baby Noah Kerin with mum Edel and dad Damien and big sisters Emma and Lauren. (North West Newspix)

A WOMAN who was caught up in the flooding last week has given birth to a baby boy and aptly named him Noah.

Edel Kerin was on her way to her parent’s house in Urris on Tuesday night when torrential rain left roads across the peninsula impassable.

Stranded in Clonmany, with her sister Danielle – who is also six months pregnant – and Edel’s two little girls, Emma, aged 6, and Lauren, aged 2, the foursome were rescued by Edel and Danielle’s cousin, Nathan Noone.

He drove them over the Clonmany bridge on his tractor but Edel, who lives in Heather Park, Buncrana, says on reflection had she have know the bridge had broken away she would have thought twice about crossing it.

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Donna Roddy