‘Being a first time mum can be daunting – no one is superwoman’

Jenny Houton with daughter Isla.

Malin mum hopes to help other mums with support group in Greencastle


A MALIN mum is hoping to be able to use her experiences with postnatal depression to help other mums as a support group gets underway later this month in Greencastle.

Jenny Houton suffered postnatal depression following the birth of her daughter, Isla, almost four years ago. But now Jenny is hoping to use her experiences to help other mums who need a bit of support by running a mother’s support group in Greencastle at the end of September.

“Being a mother, particularly a first time mother, is such a daunting thing,” said Jenny.

“You can get such conflicting advice and sometimes you just need a little bit of support. This support group is run by mums and is for mums. It might be the only time of the day that a mum can get out on her own so we’re just looking for people to come and have a cup of tea and a chat.”

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Donna Roddy