Only one in a hundred speaks Irish


ONLY ONE in one hundred people in Inishowen speak Irish on a daily basis, according to the latest results released from Census 2016.

A total of 419 people, out of population of 39,956 people, speak Irish daily outside the education system.

The biggest number of daily Irish speakers in Inishowen live in Buncrana, 49 in Buncrana Rural and 39 in Buncrana Urban.

South and East Inishowen are the areas where Irish is most commonly used on a daily basis, with Birdstown, Redcastle, Moville, Greencastle and Muff coming out on top of the Census figures.

The data reveals that there are 29 people living in the Moville electoral division who speak the native language every day: 26 people in Kilderry speak Irish daily, while there are 25 in Carn and 23 in Birdstown.

Daily use of Irish is less common in north Inishowen, with Malin Head and Malin town, for example, having just six speakers each.


Ten most popular districts for Gaeilgeoirí in Inishowen

Buncrana Rural: 49

Buncrana Urban: 39

Moville: 29

Kilderry: 26

Carn: 25

Birdstown: 23

Greencastle: 19

Redcastle: 19

Burt: 18

Ballyliffin: 17

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Damian Dowds

Damian studied at NUI Maynooth and worked with Intel Ireland on graduation. Followings stints as a civil servant in Leinster House, and with magazine publisher Ashville Media, he returned to Inishowen to set up the Inishowen Independent in 2007.