Council tenants refusing houses for spurious reasons – eggshells in back gardens and no turf fire

Grounds for refusing the offer of a council house?

Tenants have refused to move into council houses because of some “crazy stuff” like eggshells in the back garden and the lack of a turf fire option.

Donegal County Council says an increasing number of young people are also signing onto the housing list as soon as they turn 18-years-old, contributing to a housing crisis.

The council revealed that almost half of houses offered to prospective tenants this January have already been refused, with five out of 11 houses having been turned down for one reason or another.

Only one of out of the 11 houses on offer has been accepted so far, with five more properties listed either as ‘In Progress’ or ‘Being Assessed’.

Cllr Nicholas Crossan said “it must be very frustrating” for the council staff “to do all that work” and then have people “turn around and refuse houses”.

Council housing area manager Aideen Doherty conceded that it “can become frustrating” at times.

“It’s about trying to assess what is reasonable and what is unreasonable. You have genuine souls out there but there are other people who are not so genuine.”

“Crazy stuff comes up [as reasons for refusals] such as eggshells in the back garden or the lack of suitability for a turf fire.”

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Damian Dowds

Damian studied at NUI Maynooth and worked with Intel Ireland on graduation. Followings stints as a civil servant in Leinster House, and with magazine publisher Ashville Media, he returned to Inishowen to set up the Inishowen Independent in 2007.