Sport and all that Jazz

What a day, what a performance, simply the best ever, bar none! First of all, I hold my hands … [Read more...]

Hurler on the Ditch

An absolute privilege to be in Croker THERE was a moment meandering down the road from Dublin on … [Read more...]

Callous Joan’s crocodile tears

She has been lionised in the media all weekend, but new Labour Party leader Joan Burton has shown … [Read more...]

Christians ditch Bert and Ernie

A bakery that refused to make a cake emblazoned with the slogan, ‘support gay marriage’, below a … [Read more...]

The Garth Brooks saga: Nobody comes out of it with any credibility

First of all we have the residents, all 360 of them who were able to stop over 400,000 people coming … [Read more...]

The GAA & the Garth Brooks debacle

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Bobby Womack Crosses 110th Street

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Love local? Skip Aldi and Lidl

‘Love Ireland? Like Aldi’ goes the advertising catchphrase as the German retailer seeks to emphasise … [Read more...]

Party on, dude

I have just about recovered from one of my lad’s infamous parties this week. He’s turning 16 so it … [Read more...]

Time for sunny hiatus

School’s out and everyone is hoping for a heatwave, except for the Spanish boys that dished me out a … [Read more...]