Calling all leaving cert students (and everyone else)

Allow me to address the voice in your head this week. The one that incessantly speaks to you every … [Read more...]

The Brightside

Pipped by a post Gutted. That’s the feeling that surged through the crowd in the Plaza, and … [Read more...]

Time for sunny hiatus

School’s out and everyone is hoping for a heatwave, except for the Spanish boys that dished me out a … [Read more...]

Trending at 90

Forget Halloween. Our family has a much bigger event to celebrate this 31 October – Dad’s 90th … [Read more...]

The Bright Side

Cozy up to some wholesome cooking As the evening light fades and temperatures dip the kids are … [Read more...]

Ways to weather the storm

Have you ever had a day, a week, or a year of it when it’s just one thing after another? I bet you … [Read more...]

The road to nowhere

It’s 8.30am on a sunny September morning in Inishowen. I am about to take my turn and cross … [Read more...]

Mammies are the ruination of Irish men

Irish mothers are the ruination of Irish men! There, I said it...again! What is it about Irish … [Read more...]